Financial Literacy And Business Acumen Is Important For All Leaders

And getting there can be easier than you think….

Every business has 2 primary objectives. To generate:

  1. A return on shareholders investments and
  2. Free cash flow (the amount of surplus cash that a business generates that is not needed for day to day operations)

Are your business’ leaders naturally making the best decisions toward achieving these goals?

They may not be if your organization is experiencing

  • Sales and/or profit slumps
  • High stress levels
  • Reduced productivity

It is extremely common for organizations to miss their forecasts. And we know why!

Our proven methodology will help your team meet your budgets and achieve their goals. Imagine the peace of mind you’ll have.

Can your organization sustain the COST of financially ILLITERATE leaders?

Building business acumen in your leaders may be the key to finally achieving bottom line growth you and your shareholders expect.

Consistent to the Toyota brand, we expect the highest quality of service from our vendors and the Bizwisdom program was no exception. We would recommend this program to other organizations, without hesitation



Bizwisdom - Financial literacy and business acumen literacy




Our research shows that non-financial leaders, sales people and general managers are less than 40% financially literate.

When business leaders in all departments have greater business acumen and financial literacy, their organizations are more profitable and stakeholders are satisfied.

How To Become Financially Literate

Bizwisdom offers a proven interactive patented system  to show participants how to make decisions that accomplish key business objectives.

The company was founded by Neville Joffe, a seasoned entrepreneur.  Neville discovered that business success is largely dependent on employees’ business acumen skills. He shows organizations how to design an appropriate incentive programs that influences employees to think and act like owners.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a world where business leaders have fun making profits.

Contact us today to find out how we help organizations and entrepreneurs end sales slumps with our patented interactive tools and training.