Non-financial business leaders who struggle with creating accurate budgets are typically stressed out and overwhelmed. But they don’t need to be!

According to our testing, non-financial business leaders on average, are less than 40% financially literate. This means that they cannot possibly manage their budgets properly or make the best business decisions.  No wonder they struggle to reach their goals.


How Non-Financial Leaders Can Increase Cash Flow & Reduce Stress

Becoming financially literate is your business’s salvation. Every manager is at risk of making decisions that can cause a corporate financial disaster if they only see the business through their lens and priorities. However, when managers, directors and executives understand how their decisions impact the bottom line, they make decisions that work toward the growth of the company.

For example, there is no sense in discounting prices if you won’t be able to afford the additional resources to support the increase in volume needed to maintain profitability.  Becoming financially literate, means you become aware of the impact to the bottom line that your decisions truly have.

Using our engaging, interactive, patented materials, our workshops demystify financial numbers and  show leaders how to put the company goals front and center and understand the factors to consider when making decisions so they can contribute to those goals.

Business Acumen & Financial Literacy Builds Sustainable Organizations

When leaders learn simple financial management and business skills they:

Get budgets under control and reach their goals

Know how to price and position products/services to optimize profit

Gain confidence in decisions making

Instill the spirit of collaboration at executive and management levels

Make decisions that impact the organization for the better overall

Know how to talk about their needs and get consensus from other leaders

Improve the return on investment (ROI) of the company

Effectively incentivize staff and increase productivity

Become more compelling when they need to justify decisions

Manage their business in a stress free environment

Feel in control of and connected to business finances

Automatically prevent financial disasters

Imagine having a common language between department leaders where everyone appreciates the financial impact each one plays in the organization’s success.

Would you organization run smoother?  Would you feel like you’re ahead of the curve instead of putting out fires?

Bizwisdom Programs Focus On Results

Our programs get results because…

Rather than thinking in a silo, leaders will understand and appreciate the financial impact of their decisions on other departments or resources

Attendees will no longer evaluate numbers in isolation that leave them open to unintended financial consequences. t

They will now know to evaluate if a success in their department could potentially be devastating in another or for the company as a whole

They will have the broader perspective and financial knowledge to prevent catastrophic decisions

Department leaders will have a common language to communicate and align around

Once empowered with the business acumen skills, every decision will be made with profits, return on investment and cash flow in mind

We get all leaders on the same page and they understand the financial impact they can control with their role